Campervans Christchurch, Queenstown

Welcome to The Pod Campervan Rentals. Thank's for visiting 'About Us' and here's a bit of stuff you might be interested to know...

We are Mike and Liz Williams (that's us on the right grinning) and we own and run this family camper van business. We offer flexibility that gives you the option of picking up or dropping off your Pod at Queenstown, Christchurch or Auckland. Our operations Manager is the fabulous Sharron Thompson who helps you with all your day to day enquires and bookings, and keeps The Pod running smoothly.

So why did we start The Pod? In 2009 we made the decision to move from Palmerston North (North Island of New Zealand), and moved to Alexandra (South Island of New Zealand) for the opportunity to work to live, rather than the other way around. 

For the first two years of settling in Central and after having our home shared every holiday by every passing acquaintance we had met in the previous thirty years (everyone wants to visit you when you live in Central - just ask a local), we recognised the attraction of the area and thought about creating our own business within the tourism sector. After a lot of time discussing what type of business we were going to establish, we selected campervans and The Pod Campervan Rentals was born. Our friends and family know that we don't like to muck about, and the creation of this company was no different. We came up with the idea in September 2011 and had the first van on the road in January 2012. Growth is the focus of our company so over the years we have added more camper vans to our fleet, and recently included our campervan rentals in Auckland as a new pick up and drop off location. 

So what about our actual campervans? When deciding how we wanted our business to run, we didn't want you to be put off by high prices so we had to create a high quality but affordable camper van hire, and that was our 'Pods'. We sourced good quality, reliable, second hand vans and used excellent local tradespeople to paint them up and fit them out. We found all the little extras that we knew we needed in our own camper and made sure every one of our Pods was as equally well fitted out. Each campervan gets their own name - Little Tui, Little Piri and Little Nikau to name just a few. We are very happy with the final result and we know our clients are too - the vans are comfortable, spacious and contain everything we could think of to make your experience that much more relaxing.   

At The Pod, we are committed to running an ethical business that is relatively small so that you will continue to get the personal service that has been enjoyed and commented upon by our clients. We encourage all of our clients to give us as much feedback as possible so that we know what we can do to improve things for the next customer. As an example of how committed we are to this principle, we completely reconfigured the kitchen area based on the feedback of some our first clients to make it a more efficient area to use. We also regularly post on Facebook and Twitter and encourage all to follow us so that they can hear about new deals as soon as they arrive. 

So if you want to see this incredible country in a budget camper that is super comfortable and has everything you need, just get on a plane, pick up one of our Queenstown, Christchurch or Auckland self drive campervans, and head off into the heart of New Zealand to see paradise first hand. We guarantee it will be an unforgettable adventure.