Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have relocations available?

We often have special offers and relocations available which you will find on our Special Offers page.

Special offers are also posted on our Facebook Page which you will find at PodRentalsNZ.

Feel free to send us an email at if there's nothing that suits your plans - we are very approachable and happy to speak with potential clients :)


Can I travel between the North and South Island?

Yes, you can drive between the islands and pick up and drop off at any of our three locations.

During the busy summer season, we don't allow inter island bookings through our website, ie. Christchurch to Auckland, so that we can more effectively manage where our vans are.

If you are trying to book your Pod during this time and wish to pick up in one island and drop it off in another, please just email us at and we will arrange your booking manually.


How do I book my ferry crossing?

Use either the Interislander or Bluebridge to book your ferry crossing. The length of our Pod campers are 4.32 metres for the purposes of your booking.  


How many people fit in a Pod?

While we have three front seats in most of our vans, they are best suited for two people. We have a full queen sized bed which will comfortably fit two people, but three will fit if you are happy to get up close and personal with your companions ;-)

If you are travelling with three people, we do offer two person sleeping tents for hire as well. Just be aware that you will need to bring a sleeping bag and camping mattress.

If you require three seats, please email us at so we can secure the correct vehicle for you. 


Where can I submit a review on The Pod?

The most popular spot for reviewing campervans in NZ is at Rankers

We run a competition each year drawn at the end of April where all reviews go into the draw to win $500 back off your rental, with last years winner being Virginia Fumagalli from Italy. 

Give it a go - we are still a small company so it's well worth investing the time :-)

Complete a review here


Are Pods certified as self-contained?

As of 1st of October 2018, we will have a number of our Pods which are certified as self contained. This means you are able to freedom camp in your Pod Campervan.

NZ is in the process of regulating freedom camping for vehicles that do not have a self containment certificate. The reasons behind the changes to the self containment regulations are an attempt to have smaller, backpacker campers utilise official camping grounds or basic campsites such as those managed by the Department of Conservation (DOC). Some of the basic DOC sites are free, and you can get a pass for the cheap sites if you don't want to purchase one each time you stop. You will find information on the DOC campsites here and you can purchase a pass here.

Every one of our Pods has a toilet on board if you get caught short, but this does not mean that the van is 'certified' as self contained. Please ensure you specifically request one of the certified self contained Pods if you wish to truly freedom camp. They are available after 1 October 2018.

Camping throughout NZ is quite different to Europe, the US and Australia, so check out this link from Pure NZ which provides some excellent information.

Please respect our beautiful country and only camp where you are permitted. 


What size is the bed?

It is a queen sized bed with the dimensions being 1830mm in length and 1500 wide. There is an extra 240mm at the base of the bed for those extra long people.


Do you charge one way fees?

No - the quote you get online is the full and final payment. Rental companies are experts at sneaking in extra fees and charges when you book, pick up or drop off your vehicle, but we are still a small family run company where customer service is paramount, so you won't get that with us :) 


Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance on arrival?

We prefer full payment at the time of booking, but for long term rentals over 28 days we can take a 20% deposit with the balance being paid 30 days prior to pick up. Flick us an email at if you have any questions about this. We also have a refund policy which you will find in our terms and conditions at the bottom of our website. 


Are you vans petrol or diesel?

All Pod campers are petrol and use the cheaper 91 Unleaded. 


Can I request an automatic campervan?

Most of our vans are automatic, however we do have a small number with manual transmissions. If you are only permitted to drive an automatic then you should contact us first so we can do our best to secure you the right van. 

We cannot guarantee an automatic van, so please remember to contact us first if this is a necessity.


What happens if I break down?

We service our vans to within an inch of their life, so we are confident that we have done everything we can to ensure you have a reliable and sound vehicle...but sometimes sh*t just happens.

If it does, we have an AA roadside assist account so you can be rescued and taken to the closest town where we can get the vehicle fixed and have you back on the road.

To date we have not had a significant breakdown, which we put down to the strict servicing schedule we insist upon for all our vehicles. 


Can I drive on Ninety Mile Beach?

No, it's one of the four locations in NZ that our insurance company will not cover us for. The four are:

Ninety Mile Beach, North of the Colville Township, Ball Hutt Road and Skipper Road.

All this information can be found in our terms and conditions, located at the bottom of our website. 


What times are you open to pick up and drop off?

Auckland -   7.00am - 7.00pm daily

Christchurch -   7.00am - 7.00pm daily

Queenstown -   7.00am - 7.00pm daily


Do you charge for extra drivers?


We do need to know who is going to be driving for our insurance cover though, so please make sure you provide us the details of each driver when booking. 


What is the tyre pressure for the Pod?

40 PSI


Do the Pods have fridges?

No, we provide chilly bins (cooler boxes for the Americans and Esky's for the Aussies ;-)

We did use mini fridges previously but found them to be extremely poor in the height of summer and we received too many complaints. The chilly bins are excellent because ice is so readily available at service stations and camp grounds, and is as cheap as chips.