Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about the new Adventurer

We are currently updating our website to include new models for the 2019-20 season. 

This includes the introduction of the Adventurer, our mid-range fully self contained camper with an auxiliary battery, 60 litre fridge, solar power, internal lights, and electric pump faucet in the kitchen and internal power and USB points.  

We are also introducing a Traveler and Economy camper which are also both certified as self contained. The fit outs are identical for these two models, but the Economy is offered at a cheaper rate because the vehicles have travelled in excess of 200 000kms. 

While our site is being updated, the best place to have a look through our campers is at  


Do you offer airport transfers?

Yes - we provide discounted $15 each way airport transfers at each of our locations through Greencabs.

If you select this option please let us know your flight details including flight number and expected arrival time so we can book your transfer. We will send you further information on the transfer process once this has been received. 

Our contract with Greencabs is only for transfers from the airports so I'm afraid we cannot offer free transfers from your accomodation. We are happy to assist with public transport information specific to you if required, just flick us an email. 


Do you have relocations available?

We often have special offers and relocations available which you will find on our Special Offers page.

Special offers are also posted on our Facebook Page which you will find at PodRentalsNZ.

Feel free to send us an email at if there's nothing that suits your plans - we are very approachable and happy to speak with potential clients :)


Can I travel between the North and South Island?

Yes, you can drive between the islands and pick up and drop off at any of our three locations.

During the busy season, we sometimes suspend inter island bookings through our website, so that we can more effectively manage where our vans are. 

If you are trying to book your Pod during this time and wish to pick up in one island and drop it off in another and it is not available, please email us at and we will arrange your quote and booking manually.


How do I book my ferry crossing?

Use either the Interislander or Bluebridge to book your ferry crossing. The length of our Bongo and Vanette campers are 4.32 metres and the length of our Hiace campers are 4.8 metres for the purposes of your booking.  

Contact us if you are unsure of which camper you have booked and we will assist.


How many people fit in a Pod?

All our vans are set up for two people which is specified on our self containment certificates.  


Where can I submit a review on The Pod?

There are three options currently available - Rankers, Hit the Road and Google.

We run a competition each year drawn at the end of April where all reviews go into the draw to win $500 back off your rental, with last years winner being Claire Schlafmunter from France. 

Give it a go - we are still a small company so it's well worth investing the time :-)


Are Pods certified as self-contained?

All of our Pods will be certified as self contained in time for the 2019-20 season. This means you are able to freedom camp in your Pod Campervan in areas that allow certified self contained vehicles.

You can still freedom camp in our Pod Economy campers, just not in areas that specify you need a self contained vehicle. We recommend the use of the CampingNZ or Wikicamps apps to help you find free and cheap places to camp when travelling in our standard vans. Many areas have enacted by laws which control where you can and cannot stay and these rules are strictly enforced, and infringement notices are issued for breaches. 

We also recommend the use of the Department of Conservation campsites which are cheaper than the larger commercial sites and located in some of New Zealand's most scenic locations. You will find information on the DOC campsites here and you can purchase a pass here.

Every one of our Pods has a toilet on board if you get caught short, but this does not mean that the van is 'certified' as self contained. If your van is certified self contained, it will have a card in the front windscreen, a blue sticker on the rear, and a certificate in the information folder inside your van.

Camping throughout NZ is quite different to Europe, the US and Australia, so check out this link from Pure NZ which provides some excellent information.

Please respect our beautiful country and only camp where you are permitted. 


What size is the bed?

In the Pod Adventurer (Hiace), it is a queen sized bed with the dimensions being 1830mm in length and 1500 wide. In the self contained Pod Economy (Nissan Vannette/Mitsibishi Delica/Mazda Bongo) it is a queen sized bed at the head end, with a slightly narrower area at the foot end to allow room for the potable toilet to meet the self containment guidelines. There is an extra 240mm at the base of the bed of the Pod Economy for those extra long people. In the non self certified Pod Economy, the bed size is the same as the Adventurer.


Do you charge one way fees?

No - the quote you get online is the full and final payment. Rental companies are experts at sneaking in extra fees and charges when you book, pick up or drop off your vehicle, but we are still a family run company where customer service is paramount, so you won't get that with us :) 


Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance on arrival?

We require full payment at the time of booking, but we do have a cancellation policy in our terms and conditions if your circumstances change and you are unable to travel. 


Are you vans petrol or diesel?

All Pod campers are petrol and use the cheaper 91 Unleaded. You are welcome to use Premium unleaded however this is more expensive and unnecessary.

Please take care to ensure you do not fill our campers with diesel fuel - fixing this is not covered by any of the insurance options.  


Can I request an automatic campervan?

Yes, there is a charge for a transmission guarantee of $10 NZD a day to a maximum of $200 NZD. 


What happens if I break down?

We service our vans to within an inch of their life, so we are confident that we have done everything we can to ensure you have a reliable and sound vehicle...but sometimes things just happens.

If it does, we have an AA roadside assist account so you can be rescued and taken to the closest town where we can get the vehicle fixed and have you back on the road.

To date we have not had a significant breakdown, which we put down to the strict servicing schedule we insist upon for all our vehicles. 


Can I drive on Ninety Mile Beach?

No, it's one of the four locations in NZ that our insurance company will not cover us for. The four are:

Ninety Mile Beach, North of the Colville Township, Ball Hutt Road and Skipper Road.

All this information can be found in our terms and conditions, located at the bottom of our website. 


What times are you open to pick up and drop off?

Auckland -   8.00am - 5.00pm daily

Christchurch -   8.00am - 5.00pm daily

Queenstown -   8.00am - 5.00pm daily


Do you charge for extra drivers?


We do need to know who is going to be driving for our insurance cover though, so please make sure you provide us the details of each driver when booking. 


What is the tyre pressure for the Pod?

40 PSI unless specified otherwise on the tyre.


Do the Pods have fridges?

Yes, our Adventurer campers come with an auxiliary battery and a 60 litre fridge. 

Our Traveler and Economy models come with chilly bins (cooler boxes for the Americans and Esky's for the Aussies ;-)