Central Otago

Campervan hire - Central Otago

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When you pick up your Pod campervan from Queenstown airport, one of the most popular holiday spots in New Zealand, Central Otago is only a short drive away. By heading north on State Highway 6 from Queenstown you go past the Arrowtown turn off and head into the Gibbston Valley which contains some of the worlds best vineyards. For the wine buffs, the Gibbston Valley and Central Otago make some of the finest wines in the world, with the best known being the Pinot Noir. Many of these vineyards have cellar door sales and offer wine tasting on a daily basis which can be completed as part of a tour or at your own pace. 


For those who are after an adrenalin hit on the way, the Kawarau Bungy is easily found on State Highway 6 just past the Nevis Bluff. This is without question one of the most popular extreme attractions in the Queenstown area and those who have the courage to give this a go will talk about it for years to come. It is also well worth a stop even if you are not going to jump as it has to be one of the best spectator sports around. This is a regular parking spot for campervans of all sizes and it is not uncommon to see a Pod in car park as people test their courage from the bridge.  



When you head through the Kawarau Gorge to Cromwell, it is worth stopping at the Roaring Meg rest stop to see the kawarau river at it's best. Just a short drive further up the road you will see the Goldfields Mining Centre which is well worth a look to see the gold mining history of the area. It is from the Goldfields Mining Centre that you can book another extreme ride on the Kawarau Jet 


When you get to Cromwell, one of the must try summer experiences in the local fruit. This is the best fruit producing area in the country, and if you time it right, the cherries here are some of the best in the world. The Pod campervans are a common site around Cromwell as this is where they are painted and fitted out, so you may well find that you will get a few waves as you head through town. When you hire a Pod camper, the Top 10 Holiday Park in Cromwell well worth staying at for a couple of nights as you explore the area. The owners are awesome and will look after you well when they see your are in a Pod Campervan.


While in Cromwell you should visit Old Cromwell on Melmore Terrace. This is what is left of the old town after the Clyde Dam and the rest of the town ended up underwater.


The Cider House near the Cromwell bridge is local cafe / bar well worth a visit. The local cider is outstanding and one of the owners, Angus, is an entertainment package in his own right. They too will look after you if you tell them you have hired a Pod campervan from Queenstown.