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Most of New Zealand's Local Governments have introduced by-laws which restrict campervans from parking in certain areas overnight. This action was taken is response to large numbers of campers taking over scenic areas and not respecting the natural environment due to their campers not having on board toilets. The response resulted in most areas now requiring campervans to have self containment certificates. These certificates require campervan owners and rental companies to have their vehicles set up so that they can be self sufficient for at least three days with their own fresh water, grey water and toilet. Most recently the rules changed again to mean that the toilet needed to be accessible at night when the bed is down, so all of our Traveler and Economy campers have been amended to meet this requirement.

These rules are very strict and also aggressively enforced over the summer months, particularly in the heavy tourist areas like Queenstown Lakes, Tasman and the Coromandel. It is not uncommon for our clients to have their campers checked by enforcement officers to ensure that the camper are self contained. We are very careful to ensure that all models comply with these rules and each camper comes with a copy of the certificate (secured in the information folder), a front window card, and a sticker on the boot.